1.Pay via WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp has finally rolled out its payment feature which is connected with UPI. This makes the entire transaction process easy. One should have the UPI payment option open for utilising this feature.

2.Delete your sent messages:

  • We often end up sending a message that we shouldn’t. Earlier we didn’t have the option of undoing this mistake. But now you can delete the sent messages for everyone.

3.Describe your group:

  • We traditionally used to name a group after creating it on WhatsApp. But now you can give a description to the group that you have created. You can use this feature to give details about the group.

4.Group video calling:

  • One on one video chat was previously available for the WhatsApp users. But now just like group chat, you can have a group video. You can now simultaneously have a video chat with four people.

5.Use WhatsApp for your business development:

  • WhatsApp now allows the business owners to have a proper interaction with their customers on the platform. The business profiles are verified, and the app also offers important features like greeting messages and quick replies.

6.Share photos with location and time stickers:

  • The location and time sticker feature enables you to add location and time to the photographs while sharing them with your friends.

7.Switch between voice and video calls:

  • While making a voice call, you can easily switch to video call and vice-versa. The users need to pull a hidden switch to make them jump. However, both the users have to give the consent for switching it.

8.Play YouTube videos from your WhatsApp chat window directly

  • Now you can play the YouTube videos directly on the WhatsApp chat windows. The YouTube video will be displayed in a tiny bubble and you will increase and decrease its size depending on your requirement.

9.Change the look of your WhatsApp icon:

  • Android Oreo supports the adaptive icon feature, and now WhatsApp supports it too. Through this feature, you get the freedom to choose a WhatsApp logo that you like. You can also choose the shape of the logo too.

10.Share your location with your friends:

  • WhatsApp allows you to share live location with your friends. And then you can also share your real-time location with the user. One needs to keep the GPS on to activate this feature. Similarly, you can receive. Wrap Up : Use these features and enhance your texting, audio and video calling on your WhatsApp messenger.

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